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So, probably, instead of having a clinical trial network with 25 centers non very well equipped it is better to have one center well equipped (with all kinds of electrophisiology, DTI etc.) and accept patients from all over the world.

Interesting theory.
Have you been to China/Hong Kong and visited any of these 25centers?

1. Where should this perfectly equipped center be located?
2. Who will finance this hosptital and trials? The local goverment is probably not gonna except paying for trails on patients not from the centers country.
3. What timeframe are you looking at for getting this organised? Be realistic! 10years, 15years?
4. Who's going to organise this project? Carecure?
5. Will you need to buy or build a new hospital for the project?
6. Isn't it better to have the trail in 25 hospitals, that probably are doing their best with the resources they have, today, then having the perfect trail, in a perfect location, for the whole world, sometime in the future?