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    Quote Originally Posted by Moe View Post
    My hopes in these trials are pretty much faded out by now. All predicted dates seem to never work out for years and the so-called 'significant recovery' in participant from passed phase II in China are not even followed-up with a reason that the participated live "too far" (within China btw) to collect data, but yet think to be able to manage further countries like US, India, Norway... Really I don't get it.

    Now seems nothing predicted is not going to happen again this year except maybe in the US when the FDA application goes through which I can't understand again how can trail dates be predicted in the US if the application hasn't even been submitted yet.

    Happy 7th anniversary ChinaSCINet Update thread.

    I'm pretty much done here - Thanks for all the hard work and effort the same.
    Maurice, when Wise met with the US FDA they required an additional long term safety experiment to be done at our lab, and repeated at another facility. This added over a year and a million dollars. The data has been collected and is being written up by Wise. Big pharma companies have teams to do this, Wise does this on his own and saves tens of thousands of dollars. He is on 'vacation' and probably working on it at least 8 hrs a day. Once the IND is submitted, they have 90 days to get back to us. Last month, the US Clinical Trial Core Committee met to work out the details of the trial. There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes.

    I understand your frustration and wish you had my perspective, you would understand how difficult this is to pull off, just in the US. Wise is doing this in 3 countries simultaneously, and has to visit monthly to make sure things are getting done.

    Quote Originally Posted by nrf View Post
    I don't believe any Peer Reviews have even looked at the "trials" for ChinaSCINet? Is it dead in the water?
    The FDA is judge and jury.

    Quote Originally Posted by lunasicc42 View Post
    Same here ...I think I am going to do it once available but on the other hand, I haven't seen any strong concrete evidence that it's only mildly beneficial and I am a quad so I am more concerned with return of upper extremity function, I am hoping for better results when this next paper is published and sometimes people involved in the trial will kind of hint that the trial worked but haven't straight-up said it yet and I can't figure out if the quietness is due to the trial not being that robust or because they can't share the more robust data yet
    Luna, going from complete to incomplete is a huge deal some, A-C. Many gained independence in bowel and bladder care, and 75% walked with major to little assistance. In the upcoming trials we will also focus on the hands, arms, and sexual function. One of the subjects in China reported impregnating his wife the old fashion way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Silvio GS View Post
    My hopes on these trials faded away too a long time ago, too many things that didn't add up and put me off trusting it.
    I'm also wondering what's the real reason we haven't heard anything here from Wise in quite some time.
    Wise simply doesn't have the time and energy to be on CC.

    Bottom line, The ChinaSCINet Phase II Trial was a safety study in 23 subjects. The results were much more robust than expected. We hope to repeat these results and go beyond, have this standardized as a treatment, and move on to the next most promising therapy. And yes Jawaid, hopefully our lumbosacral research will be far enough along to start trials!
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