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Thread: Spicy Duck Sauce Wings and Country Ribs

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    Spicy Duck Sauce Wings and Country Ribs

    Did a similar, but different version of the Orange Marmalade Sriracha wings and came up with the following.

    Spicy Duck Sauce Chicken Wings
    1 Cup - Duck Sauce
    1/4 Cup - Low Sodium Soy Sauce
    3 TBS - Honey
    1/2 Cup - Chili Garlic Sauce

    Mix and simmer all ingredients just until everything has combined and slightly thickened.

    Seasoned wings and country ribs with salt and pepper.

    Cooked indirect with a small piece of cherry wood.
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    What are you trying to do to me Wolfie? The clams etc the other day and now this. Well, the good thing is we are heading over for some good Q tonight. Just two of us at home tonight, so we have our sides ready and are just going to pick up the Q from a family business that knows how its done....reminds me of a hole in the wall we used to pick it up at in Savannah......ahhhh....(I love to fire it up too but it is too breezy today.)

    Thanks for posting the recipe BTW!

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    I still make the orange marmalade sriracha wings, they're friggin addictive!
    I'll try this too!

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