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Thread: QUAD REACHER For Sale

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    For sale is a Quad Reacher for people with no hand or finger functions, But still to be able pick up things and gain some indipendence.

    How it works?

    Moves by wrist action - no finger movement required. Tension of rubber-band closure is easily changed to accommodate individuals's strength. Hand orthosis (lined with Plastazote for comfort) also can be modified slightly. Precise enough to pick up a pin, yet strong enough to hold heavy objects.

    If you check the link below you will see that these reachers cost around $500, but you can get it from me for just $179 shipping included.


    Constructed of Stainless-Steel and Aluminum (it will never rust.)
    Weighs 11 oz.
    20 inches long.
    It can be used on both hands.
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