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Thread: Can I take Bactrim and Cipro at the same time?

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    Can I take Bactrim and Cipro at the same time?

    I've been prescribed Bactrim until I can get in to see the urologist next month to deal with a recurring serratia marcescens infection. Even with the Bactrim it appears I've picked up a UTI during my recent hospital stay, presumably something that is not sensitive to Bactrim. I've yet to get a positive c&s on this current infection, but nonetheless all the symptoms are there. I'll add that EVERY time I've had a foley in a hospital I've contracted a UTI. If I have a UTI that won't respond to Bactrim, can I take Cipro (or something else) in addition to the Bactrim, at least until I see my urologist next month?

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    I found a discussion of taking Bactrim and Cipro in combination at the site:

    It would seem that there is no contraindication of taking one with the other, except possibly for more gastrointestinal upset.

    I once read that about 90-95% of Serratia marcescens UTIs are contracted in a hospital or clinical setting. I had a particularly stubborn series of infections involving serratia marcescens (these infections started just after having bladder Botox treatments in a clinic). When it would not respond to several courses of Levofloxacin (Levoquin)750 mg, I was treated with 3 six week rounds of Ceftazidime intervenous infusion administered (at home) 3 times a day (every eight hours). I finally got rid of it and it has not returned.

    My culture and sensitivity tests never indicated that Bactrim was a good candidate to treat the serratia marcescens. In my case, Cipro would have better than the Bactrim for serratia marcescens.

    Hope you see the urologist soon.
    All the best,

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    You should only take antibiotics based on the results of the culture of your urine. If you don't have results. I can't taking either, that is not how we treat it here however if you are truly sick pick one, the one that your last infection was sensitive too seems most reasonable. You do not want to become resistant to both.

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