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Thread: Suggestions for Indwelling Catheters Brands?

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    Suggestions for Indwelling Catheters Brands?

    Hi all,
    Was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for which type of indwelling catheters i should buy? I am looking for something easy to use and little to no problems. Any suggestions?
    I use intermittent catheters and have never used an indwelling other than in the hospital. I am going on vacation this winter and it involves a long flight, I was also thinking it might make things easier to have one in for the week I am on the cruise. For once in it would be nice to not have to worry about my intake of fluids and timing when i have to Cath. I no longer drink alcohol other than maybe a glass of wine as I am terrified of not timing it right. Especially with the meds I am on they make my feet swell up with fluids during the day then when I lay down at night I have to get up every two hours to cath as the flood gates open. If I was to drink alcohol at night and add that to my Lyrica I would be terrified I wouldn't wake up at night when I was suppose too. For once I would like to relax, have a few drinks and actually enjoy myself without always thinking of when to pee next. A real Holiday!

    Any suggestions on brand and type of indwelling?

    It would be much appreciated.


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    When your are vigilantly watching your fluid intake, how often do you cath, and what is the volume when you cath? Why do you cath when you do? Do you feel urgency or are you reacting to autonomia? Do you take any anticholinergics (oxybutinyn, vesicare, etc.)?


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    Foley catheters are not a good choice for long periods due to higher chance of infection. I would discuss with your doctor, as I have seen people who regularly intermittent cath and do successfully use a foley for short periods due to trips or other lifestyle issues. If you are willing to accept these risks, it may make your life a bit simpler. Re brands, elts see what others have to say. Hollister or Bard are usually good choices. Do you have a latex allergy at all?


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    i use bard silicone catheters .... silver coated i think..... they are very good, i have had no problems with them.

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    Hi GJNI I know all about the volumes you should have and how often ect. ect. I was very lucky to live in a Province that has one of the best rehabilitation hospitals in the world. The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital had taught me all about volumes and everything else you wanted or didn't want to know about SCI. I am a complete T1/T4 so I don't feel anything below those levels, its all about timing.

    Regardless of all that I just want to know a good reliable brand for indwelling. Or even better if someone could put in a link or two of types. As I said I have never bought one before so I don't know what I need, are the bags sold separately? Do i need vented bags? Do I need to buy separate straps ect ect. Do I need a longer line for down leg? Does it come with? Package deals as I said I am a newbie when it comes to indwelling and I know this is the best place to ask as nothing beats life experience.

    No I don't have any allergies to latex. I can't really discuss it with my doctor as most general MD's take about 8hours of instruction on SCI so it has been a learning process for him and myself. I know quite a bit now as I made it a point to learn as much as I could. I soaked up all I could learn in the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital then I spent as much time as I could on the internet at the hospital and now on my computer at home. I am learning everyday. My specialist Doctor from the Glenrose Hospital is in the city (90min away) and I only see him if i have something very important as the man is way overworked and I am sure there is others that have more important thing to ask him.
    I have read a lot about and was taught that there is a higher chance of getting a UTI, but I am sure if I am careful things should work out. Besides flying for an extended period of time without cathing or having an in dwelling is not an option.

    So if anyone has a link or two of all that I will need I would very much appreciate it.


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    In the U.S. there are any number of vendors that sell urological stuff and bill ins/medicare direct.

    If you are in Canada, I don't know the rules up there.

    A vendor we are all familiar with is

    Another provider is Allegro Medical you can request a catalog


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    I use the Rochester 100% silicone caths:

    Leg bags & overnight drainage bags come separately. They often include leg straps, but you may want to rig up your own custom straps as the commercial ones are flimsy.

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    Sorry, didn't mean to pry, but I thought that maybe there was some information missing and if I had that information, my answer would be different. That said, here is what I have used for the short term situation that you describe:
    Leg Bag: Uro-safe Vinyl Urinary leg bag by Urocare
    Urethral indwelling catheter: Bardex Foley Catheter 5cc ribbed balloon by Bard (your FR size)
    Leg Bag Holder: by Urocare (I don't like to use the elastic straps that come with the Urocare leg bag)
    Extra tubing: Yes, you will need extra tubing if you are wearing the leg bag on your lower leg (below the knee). There are leg bags that you can wear on your thigh and then you may not need extension tubing. You have your choice of latex, white rubber, or silicone tubing, round or flat extension tubing. You may also need a couple of connectors depending on the leg bag or the extra tubing you order. Some of the tubing comes with built in connectors.
    I don't have specific websites for you to go best advise would be to Google Bard, Urocare, extension tubing, connectors in some order or another and then get back to us at this thread and we may have advise on what you have found that you think will work for you.

    All the best and enjoy that cruise,

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    I have used Rochester brand, but now use Dover brand catheters. Instead of a legbag, I use the Rousch "belly bags". These abdominal bags strap around your waist and the bag hangs from your waist on a belt. The drainage valve is in an anotomicly appropriate location. This will prevent you from having to set your foot on the rim of the toilet to drain, avoiding the embarassing (and messy)chance of dropping your foot into the toilet. For nighttime I would suggest getting a cd bag or night bag so you will not have to get up in the middle of the night to drain. I use Bard, and if you produce alot of urine Bard has a 4000cc bag.

    I hope this helps and have a great vacation!
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    One other observation.
    You may want to tell your Urologist that you are taking this vacation and that you will be wearing an indwelling urethra foley catheter constantly for a couple weeks. Depending on your Urologist's treatment philosophy, he may want you to take prophylactic Macrobid or some other UTI suppressant or not. I have had Urologists of both minds. Depending on how the Urologist feels about this, you may need an Rx for a suppressant medication to take with you, or look into using Microcyn or Vetericyn as a bladder flush/instillation. Do a search on Care Cure Community (upper left hand corner of each page) on either Microcyn or Vetericyn for a LOT more information than I can possibly give you here.


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