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Thread: questions about phrenic pacemaker

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    questions about phrenic pacemaker

    My name is Anne. I'm a C2/C3 quadriplegic due to a spinal cord injury. For the past 17 years I had been using a noninvasive ventilation system in order to breathe. But recently I had to be hospitalized and trached. Adjusting to life on a trache has not been easy for me, and I am desperately looking for another solution to my breathing problems. I am seriously considering the diaphragmatic, or phrenic, pacemaker and would love to speak with someone who has one. Please write me if you can help .

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    Hello, Anne
    Welcome to CareCure!
    There are several people here who have phrenic pacers; I hope you get an answer from them.
    My understanding is that it is very hard work to get to where you can be free of the machine for at least several hours a day, and there are no guarantees that will happen, but that if/when you get there it is really great to be relatively independent.
    Here's a thread with some info.
    Please see my PM.
    Best wishes,
    - Richard

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    Obviously you are seeking info from someone who has one but here is another discussion on the subject.


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