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Thread: Loss of spasms after decubitus ulcer

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    Loss of spasms after decubitus ulcer

    I developed a stage 1 ducubitus ulcer approximately 2 months ago. The skin looks fully healed but with a slight discoloration in the area it was most prominent. The problem is, I have experienced a loss of muscle spasms. I always have muscle spasms and am worried that their is something wrong. When I wake up in the morning I have some spasms but after sitting for 15 mins or so they go away and my legs become completely flaccid. Has anyone experienced this before. I am getting worried because I have school starting next week and am afraid I have not completely healed. Please if you have any info, this is really worrying me.

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    With my SCI spasms are the worst when something is wrong. If you're like me, now that you're not getting, having, and healing from a sore anymore maybe your body has relaxed a bit? Whenever I have spasms I find something wrong, usually pressure, sitting on my nuts, toes curled in shoes, etc.

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    The reason why Im so concerned is because I always had spasms prior to the ulcer. Now all of a sudden their gone. Ive been paralyzed for 15 years and this is the first ulcer ive developed. I know something is wrong but nobody seems to have experienced this before

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    I can't say I have heard of this connection except as above, when there is a change physically muscle spasms usually worsen. I would keep checking the site, do good pressure reliefs every 15 minutes while sitting and monitor your skin closely.


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    Thanks for the responses guys

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