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Thread: GoShichi 4 x 4 truck for Houston Abilities Expo

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    Here are a couple pics unzipped. The truck with the lift is $49,900. The passenger side crew is already sold, but we have a few more available.

    Jshism, sorry you don't like our trucks. I am proud of the steel we put in our trucks. Trucks are built to last and this conversion was built to outlast the truck. We stayed 1400 lbs under max capacity of the truck and affected gas mileage and power very little. Besides, that steel allowed us to pass crash testing with ease.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brianm View Post
    I don't have any unzip software. Too bad, I'd love to see it; I'd love a lifted truck.

    Here is a truck I owned in the late 80's. Obviously I relied on help in and out...

    Nice truck. I had a 3 inch lift on my 74 Bronco for a while, put some 36 inchers on for a while but most of the time I had it it was just 33's.

    This was at the lake in '96 or so. Still have it, but it's been in the in-laws pasture the last 3 or 4 years.
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    I love those old Bronco's Texas; I a couple pictures of some sweet ones I see at the 4x4 show in Indy.
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    I love those old trucks too, but I have to admit, these new ones are much easier to drive!

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    That looks like an awesome truck, but what do you do with your WC? Just leave it behind?
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    Sorry for confusion. No, we put the factory seat on wheels with a lock down mechanism so that it can be wheeled into place for an able bodied person to drive.

    You actually back onto platform, lock down and drive from your wheelchair. I have a video at that shows me unloading. We have more video coming as our website is currently under construction.

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    Will you be at the Atlanta expo in October?

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    how much is the conversion cost on the truck
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    Yes, we will be in Atlanta.

    Cost is set by dealers, but it is about the same as minivans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brianm View Post
    I love those old Bronco's Texas; I a couple pictures of some sweet ones I see at the 4x4 show in Indy.
    Yep it's by far the best vehicle I have driven. If I won the lottery tomorrow and I had money earmarked for a vehicle I would spend it to get my bronco rebuilt and set up how I like before I would buy a new vehicle. It went over anything or through anything that I pointed it at and with the top off it was a blast around town, not to mention when not around town it seemed to be a open invitation for the women to pull their tops off also when riding with me.
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