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Thread: International Stem Cell Institute Launches Major Adipose Adult Stem Cell Therapy Prog

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    Bigk, I see Dr Horton at Mercy for Rehab. Good guy and follows Dr Young's research. I see Dr. Sasha Zivkovic (nerurologist) at UPMC. He was the one who diagosed my cancer and ny auto immune respose to the cancer. He says stem cell therapy is 5 years away. Good guy and saved my life. Steelers on tonight and Ben willl play; Bucs on this afternoon and hope for the best.
    If you want; my number is 412-952-6153.

    take care
    keeping on

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    i believe that stemcell of some kind is the tickett here what and where i dont have a clue as long as we allow abortion then i say use those aborted so no life goes to waste all the promises that stemcell holds we got to unite for our own good on this subject and elect officials in that c the way as long as the fda has control of our remedies to better health nothing is going to get done it goes against fda guidlines to do any operation on the spinal coard unless loss of life is emminent so untill that rule is rejected good luck i try to keep informend on this issue maybe not as much as some and maybe more than others i always am on the look out for real testimonials and real people who have tried some kind of stem cell therapy so far i found one cite and the people going there look real i can not remember where i found it but i imagin if you try these key words panama city panama adult stem cell therapy i am sure you can find the cite it has testimonials there check it out but so far i have not found one testimonial on embryonic cells hope this bit of dribble helps some one in some way

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    i would like to ask those who know if they have ever heard of the ppm 1000 i tried ordering this and it has been awhile now have not recieved it and my bank can't get the $ back and now i cant even log into the website the web site is prostatech it is sent out as from dr erector if you are thinking on this device i would watch it i believe it as to be a scam if any one knows how to get hold of this company like say a phone # i would greatley appreciate the help thanks and have a wonderfull day

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    Thumbs up International Stem Cell Institute Launches Major Adipose Adult Stem Cell Therapy Prog

    I am agree with you and researchers are studying the effects of autologous stem cell therapy, which is showing great promise for future treatments and further advances. See more at :

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