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Thread: Empi 300pv TENS/NMES for sale

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    Empi 300pv TENS/NMES for sale

    Empi 300pv Electrotherapy System for sale $199
    (free shipping, ship to USA only)

    Portable Neuromuscular Stimulation (NMES) device is a multi-function electrotherapy system, with the ability to function as a NMES, TENS, and High Volt DeviceNMES

    This is an awesome deal on a very expensive medical device. (up to $1300 retail)

    Originally a Factory Refurbished unit, It is in Excellent condition.

    TENS unit
    2 leads (one for each channel)
    Battery charger
    Instruction manual
    2 AA rechargeable batteries

    Not included:
    TENS/NMES electrodes (vary by your needs, available on eBay cheap)

    Complete description here >>>

    Do not buy this without knowing what you are buying and why! See your doctor! Buyer shall hold seller harmless for all causes. You may need a prescription to use this device.

    Please email for questions and contact info

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    Item has been SOLD

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