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Thread: Help help help!

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    Help help help!

    I really need some help! I have been trying to find a mattress type that will work for me for over five years now and have received little useful help. A doctor I recently sought help from recommended I try your site. I welcome suggestions from all and any, but in particular a nurse that the doctor recommended, Kathy Dunn.

    I have been a quadriplegic (C 5/6) for 16 years. I made it 14 years without any skin problems, but now am dealing with a closed pressure sore on my right buttocks
    and an open pressure sore on my upper left back. The sore on my back is between my scapula and my spine and has to open for 18 months. I know the ideal is to change position every two hours, but that this impossible for me because I don't have anyone at night to help with that. I am currently on a low air loss mattress from KCI called the BariMaxx II. It is poorly designed for my needs. My previous mattress was also a low air loss mattress by KCI.

    I am 6 feet tall and weigh about 260 pounds and you need a bed that is at least 48 inches wide. It also must be able to be used on a hospital type frame so that the head can go up and down as well as the entire bed.

    Are there any kinds of beds that can help me? I heard some talk about memory foam beds or alternating pressure mattresses, but don't know anything about them. I am at a point extreme frustration and would greatly appreciate some input... please!
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    Hi Tanta, Sorry you are having trouble.
    Hopefully SCI nurse will see this post and have some good advice.
    If you can edit your subject (not sure if that can be done) maybe add MATTRESS it will let people scanning through the threads know what you need.
    Good luck!

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    Hello Tanta,

    I am a C5-C6 also and I got my DMS to order a bed here: I got the queen size and with prescription, only paid the difference from a hospital bed. If needed, find a good DME that will work with you.

    Good luck.
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    i have been on a Soma mattress for 25 yrs w/ no problems yet. it's the kind w/ the water tubes.

    if ur 260lbs, i would suggest u drop some of that weight if u can. that would make ur life a lot easier and help w/ the pressure sores.

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    hi tanta, i sympathize. i am just getting over my first pressure sore after being sci for 39 yrs. devastated me as i swore i'd never get one. my skin broke down on my L butt from undiagnosed scabies i caught from my dog!!!!!!! the year of nightmares.

    i was on an invacare adjustable bed that holds 450 lbs. i was told from my supplier that no hmo, ppos and medicare will pay for a wider bed unless you're over the 450 lb. max. it had siderails. can you turn with the help of those? if not, can someone prop a firm pillow behind your back and switch each night? also the mantra i heard over and over AND OVER again was protein, protein, protein!! that is a huge prescription for healing that MUST be followed if you want those wounds to heal, esp. if turning is difficult or impossible w/o help. one more thing, the rehab. OT computer mapped my butt. it was amazing! to see. the slightest shift of your body, even just your shoulders a couple inches either way while in your chair will change the pressure on your rear - maybe not much, but it's something.
    hope this helps.

    hi millard. i'm curious. what was the difference you had to pay. i really liked those adjustable features.

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    More details would help:
    How big and deep is the upper back sore?
    What mattress are you currently using?
    Do you sit in a wheelchair for long periods and what type of back surface is on your current chair?
    Is the upper back sore improving at all or getting worse?

    Thank you.

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    I use this

    Used to have a Pegasus mattress, but that company is no longer.

    The mattress on this invacare product will wear down over time, but when you consider the money, time down, etc of a flap surgery.. this is a no brainer.

    I'm 6' 3" 210lb. and was told to eat 140 grams of protein a day to heal a sore/ per the healing wound center I visited.

    microAIR Alternating Pressure Mattress with on demand Low Air Loss
    with 50 LPM Compressor

    Inavacare MA65 Mattress Systems:

    * Standard MA65, 36"W x 80"L, 350-lb weight capacity
    * Standard MA65SRS, 36"W x 80"L, 350-lb weight capacity with raised side rails (bolsters)
    * Bariatric MA65B42, 42"W x 80"L, 1000-lb weight capacity
    * Bariatric MA65B48, 48"W x 80"L, 1000-lb weight capacity
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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    Tempurpedic? I use a tempurpedic classic for better transfer height, I often sleep for hours without turning when really tired and have had no pressure sore problems. The tempur material IS a little different from memory foam, don't let people convince you it is the same. I used some alternating pressure matress pads before and they killed my back and would leave red spots if I slept too long without turning.

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    I think you are speaking of temprapedic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    I think you are speaking of temprapedic.

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