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hi buck
thanks for your comment.
how do a person know if he/she have motoneuron damage or not. does it mean that since she/he does not have any motor movement yet.
also is there a certain pattern for recovery, i mean
does motor come before sensation or vice versa?
It's specifically lower motor neuron damage. He was injured
in the nerve root area below the spinal cord and probably
doesn't have spasms. My therapists thought I should be
having spasms, but I wasn't, so they stimmed my legs.
No contraction and after another nerve conduction test they
concluded that I also had lower motoneuron damage.

Not to be discouraging, but I haven't regained any function
since the day of my injury. My injury is a bit different since
I injured the actual spinal cord too, not just nerve roots.

This thread should help answer some of your questions about
his injury. SOURCE