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Thread: Suprapubic catheter!

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    Suprapubic catheter!

    I recently had a Suprapubic tube put in place about a month ago. It has been draining fine, but I am also still urinating small amounts at times through my penis forcing me to use a Texas catheter as well. I told my doctor and they put me on some bladder spasm medication. Unfortunately, I'm still going a little bit through my penis. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    My husband did at first, but it eventually stopped. I think this is normal at first.

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    It happened to my husband a few weeks ago.
    I was surprised because I did not know it could happen.
    We think his hose must have had a kink in it.

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    You may find some additional information about leaking with a supra pubic in some of these posts and threads.

    I am an 8 week post supra pubic and I am still working out the details and trying to stay uncolonized. I have had good success with Microcyn/Vetericyn, but I am still trying to work out what the best regimen is for me.

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    have you had urodynamics recently to mesure you bladder pressure? a cystoscopy would be good, too.

    good luck, steve, and i hope it passes soon!

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    Leaking can be common initially with an sp tube and bladder antispasmotics such as oxybutynin,etc can help control. Keep communicating iwth your urologist as dose may require titrating up. This usually gets better over time.


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