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Thread: any quadriplegics with diverticulitis?

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    any quadriplegics with diverticulitis?

    Hi guys, trying to self diagnose a cause of what is seemingly intermittent AD.

    Wondering if any quads out there can describe the symptoms they have when they experience an episode of diverticulitis. Currently I am experiencing night sweats, mild sweating during the day, often relieved for a short to medium period by passing wind, increased AD on bowel care days and a high level of fed-up-edness. About 88% sure that it is not a UTI but I guess that is always a possibility.


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    Have you thought about the possibility of bladder spasms? When did you last have a urodymanics study to assess bladder pressure? Do you take anticholinergics/antispasmodics? With SCI symptoms are not always what they might seem. This may just be another possibility you need to look at.

    The best,

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    You mention it occurs more often on bowel care days. Do you feel you have an adequate bowel program and are getting good results from your bowel care? Perhaps you are not emptying frequently enough and need to increase the frequency.
    What do you think?


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    I am a walking quad and have had diverticulitis diagnosed earlier this year. I wondered the same thing myself until I started paying better attention and figured it out. When I have issues with being backed up I get mild AD. Took a while to connect the two. Relieving the bowels seems to do the trick but the damn headache once it starts lasts for days in the background. Keep a tight schedule for your BP and maybe try doing it more often. Give a look at the appropriate diets for diverticulitis and track your diet for a couple of weeks to get a view of what may be bothering you the most then eliminate it. (ha, ha! eliminate it.)
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    Whenever I read that someone is having problems with her bowels the thought that comes to my mind is, do you take benzodiazepines?the reason I ask is because one of the side effects from benzo is bowel and stomach pain. I've been reading how dangerous the benzodiazepines are for people. I took diazepam for 17 years before my Dr. decided they were bad for me. I took my last dose January 2010 and still having problems associated with benzodiazepines withdrawal. UnfortunatelyI sometimes think I'm better off taking diazepam because I felt so much better before she took me off it.
    Sorry I got off subject a little bit. Hopefully your problems will be solved soon.

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