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Thread: Broke foot, change in pain

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    Broke foot, change in pain

    Both knees collapsed for no reason about two weeks ago and all my weight came down on my foot causing a break across the midsection of my foot. The pain has been as expected for this kind of thing until today when it feels as though I have stepped into an ice filled electric boot that goes to the top of my ankle. I have kept the foot wrapped when up as directed by the doctor and am not allowed to walk on it at all so am back in my wheelchair. The pain in this foot prior to the break was not this consistent but periodically felt like shards of glass dragged up and down my leg. I am assuming it is not directly related to the bone break pain. Is it expected that this neuropathic pain can change like this?
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    Funny thing, I broke my foot about a month ago. Dropped an oak table on it. Same thing happened with the increase in neuropathic pain. Pins and needles everywhere. Painful goosebumps and feeling chills. I got a DVT out of the deal too, so watch for that.

    Hope your foot feels better soon.
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    Thanks! Found out today CT scan shows three broken bones and I have to stay completely off of it for five more weeks. He told me to go up and down stairs (which is necessary in my home) on my behind! Sure wish I had a van with hand controls as I can't drive with the foot and having to depend on others to get me to work and back

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