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Thread: A Promising Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury - Dr. Young @ Hong Kong Lecture

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    A Promising Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury - Dr. Young @ Hong Kong Lecture

    I am hoping that Dr. Wise Young sees this posting and comments. Or, if anyone else has any knowledge of what is happening with this research, please share!

    Dr. Wise Young is taking part in a lecture this weekend called “A Promising Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury: Umbilical Cord Blood and Lithium Combination to Stimulate Regeneration”.

    I have a unique situation where I gave birth to my first child 4 months ago. I banked both the cord blood and cord tissue that was collected during delivery. I have a complete (ASIA A) SCI, T 8-9 level, from an automobile accident 16 years ago. I am hoping that with all of the stem cell research going on that someday I may be able to use the cord blood or cord tissue. When I saw that Dr. Wise Young is doing research involving cord blood I became very excited.

    Please, if anyone has information about this or if Dr. Young could comment directly, I'd greatly appreciate it!!

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    This is what we need to hear and then have to experience. I believ that trials will start and everyone will enter their therpies onto the contest. I believe , I believe!

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