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    mri results

    can anyone tell em where to post results of an mri.i am trying to get an idea if anything wrong.i have had 3 prior back surgeries and one in neck.if anyone has any info that can read results from mri let me know thanks

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    This forum is not for providing you with a medical diagnosis. That cannot be legally or ethically done on a website.

    You need to consult the physician who ordered the MRI for an interpretation of the results. The MRI alone is not sufficient to make a diagnosis without other tests, information, and physical examination.

    This is actually a forum for information and support for those whose family members or friends have just sustained a SCI, or for people with spinal cord injuries (not orthopedic injuries) who have been recently injured themselves.


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    well this is why i asked,i was curious i just came across this site and just wondered like everyone else does there are several different types of threads on here beside sci ,i do have a doctors appointment also.i was just wondering. thanks for the info like i didnt know to see a doc you think i wrote my own order for my own mri duh

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