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Thread: New Injury July 11, 2010

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    Hi Kalme,

    Very sorry to read of this tragic event.

    Spinal chord injuries are all different, and the least easy to predict, from what I have read in forums, are the incomplete ones. It is possible for a gain in function over a considerable time.

    Keep your faith,

    Best wishes,


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    My brother is home now and we're all happy about that. My family wasn't too happy with Shepherd just because we feel that they gave up on my brother. He was in the brain unit and they didn't focus much on his spinal chorid injury. They did do an elctro test and saw that there was signal going to his legs but that was a week before we left. He's back in Miami and going to start rehab here. Hopefully they'll be more aggressive with his spinal injury. Due to his brain injury, they werent able to do an accurate ASIA test because he said he didn't even feel his face, but he does. It's weird because his brain was so well when he woke up and now he's a little more off. He's gained a lot of strength in his left arm and i think once his brain heals, we'll see much more recovery with his spinal chord. It's just overwhelming and stressful.

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    Hoping that the transfer to Miami will see big progress for your brother.

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    Things usually get better with time and effort (especially rehab effort). I believe prayer helps too. Please keep us posted on your brother's situation. God bless!

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    Makes tears for me when I read all of these wonderful notes. I was so lucky 27 yrs ago to have a wonderful family, husband and 2 kids, 1 and 5 when I got hurt. I first had no movement all other from under the arms down. That moved as swelling went down and over long periods of time. I finally stabilized at T-12. Family encouragement, not dependence, if it can be helped is the key and lotsa of love. I do not know the word "can't" and I will probably never learn, hence the past broken leg from dancing in my chair, well the roll actaully did that break! Eat good (remember protein is needed and the drinks will constipate you and get that fresh vit C through pineapple (fresh) that is the highest), smile and spread that love. Love does not come in a bottle and I watched my parents cry in silence when they and my husband had to let me learn to do something myself. Keeping my foot in my shoe was the hardest and brought many tears. I DID IT! and for the last 25.5 yrs I have put on my own shoes! Love to all of you.. no matter who or where.

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    the next year will suck. that's how it is. once you wrap you mind around that you can continue. acceptance is one of the final stages of grief & once you accept it you can work on healing all the harder. it took me over a yr. to stand & his injuries sound worse then mine. it just so sloooooooooooow.........

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    My brother’s been home for almost a month now and just yesterday is when he had the evaluation at the rehab facility. He had been receiving therapy at home, but he even said it was a “walk in the park.” Right now, he can only move his left hand but has no wrist or fingers; I guess that’s what a C5 is. He’s just started showing strength in his right arm. Since his head injury was in the left side, it’s affected his right. The rehab facility doesn’t think he’ll walk again, they told my parents maybe with medicine in the future. So there only going to work on his upper body. I know he’ll walk again and I just wish people would at least try with him. Just because they asked him to move it and he didn’t doesn’t mean he cant and wont! I think his brain just needs a lot more healing. Sometimes he says he doesn’t feel when you touch his cheek, and he clearly does. When he first woke from his coma, he felt everything in his legs and mentioned where he was being touched perfectly, and now he doesn’t know. I just think his brain needs much more healing. It’s just frustrating. What exercises can I do with him at home for his legs?

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    It may be that his SCI worsened after the injury due to swelling and what is called the "cascade of injury" that happens mechanically and chemically over the first few hours/days post injury. Blamming him or his TBI for his lack of return may come back to bite makes it appear that you are holding him responsible for the extent of his disability, not the luck or lack of it in the extent of injury. Return does not fail to occur just because someone does not want it badly enough, or work hard enough in therapy.

    Meanwhile, he should be getting daily ROM and stretching to his legs, standing at least 1 hour daily, and if you can afford it, FES for his leg muscles (an FES bike is usually the best, but expensive).


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    It is confusing and frustrating trying to understand SCI in the beginning-even after 2 years I often feel that way.
    The best advice we had in the beginning was to work with what you have.
    There is nothing wrong with hoping for more in the future, but you have to work with what is there now.

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    You have to have hope but not so much that you fold when it just isn't enough. It's a battle full of hurt & hell at first. He can & will survive if he stays just like he is. I hope things change but if not, I also wish you peace dealing.

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