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Thread: New Injury July 11, 2010

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    You should call the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. They are the best Paralysis Resource Center and will send you lots of helpful information. 1-800-539-7309 or

    What hospital is your brother in? Please tell your parents they are not alone, there are many of us willing to help. You are a wonderful sister!

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    Thank you so much for all of your responses. Any little information helps tremendously. We are looking into the Shepherd and Kennedy Krieger Institute as well. We are located in Miami, FL. I know the University of Miami has the Miami Project and it's doing great things for spinal cord injuries but it's only for research. My brother does not qualify yet because his injury is too recent. We are just looking for the best, and of course, it's even harder with him because he has both the brain and spinal injury. But everyday he trying harder and harder to move. Just yesterday he started pushing back when they moved him to turn, he had never done that. Thank you everyone for your support and any advice is greatly appreciated. I will keep you updated on his progress.

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    Woke up from the Coma

    My brother woke up from his coma and has started talking. The doctors are super impressed with his brain activity. They’ve now changed him from going to neuro rehab to a spinal rehab. He is able to talk clearly and can count and name all the months in the year. He remembers everyone. He still gets confused easily and says some things that don’t make sense but I can’t complain. They didn’t even expect him to talk regularly without having at least a month of speech therapy. During physical therapy they covered his legs with a pillow and he was able to point out which leg she was touching, so he has feeling in his legs. But he told my mom that his hands have disappeared. He has triceps and biceps but no wrist or fingers. What are the chances of these coming back? We are looking at rehabs and he’s been put on the waiting list for Shepherd. He was a great athlete in amazing shape before the accident. I’m hoping he has the will to succeed and giving him the best rehab will only optimize his chances of a better recovery right?

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    My husband received a T-7 spinal cord injury and a brain injury. He spent over a year relearning how to talk and rehabbing from the spinal cord injury. He also was a baseball player.

    He is new to his what he will gain back is unpredictable at this stage. It is good to see that he is regaining so much so far!
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    We are very grateful that the brain injury has not been as bad as the doctors predicted. He is speaking very clearly and is understanding and comprehending. Now i'm just worried about the rehabilitation.

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    im 18 and i just got out of my rehab and idk if your willing to go to texas or not but Baylor Institue for Rehabilitation in dallas was amazing for me its the best facility i could have ever imagined in so many ways, they have the best staff and best programs, they take you in as family and treat you as such, i loved everyday there and saw so many great things happen everyday there

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    Thank you, but my brother is now in the Shepherd Center. He says he doesnt feel much of his arms but he does have his brain injury and they cant really assess him yet. When you take off his shoe he complains of pain and he was able to move his left leg on command. His right side is very weak because he has his brain injury to his left side which affected his right. But we were happy to see his leg move on command and no one can say it was a spasm. Now we're just like, what does it mean that he can move it?

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    Kalme001, Thinking of you and your family at this difficult time. As you can see already, it is a very slow recovery process. Your brother sounds like he is doing well. Support and commitment to his recovery is very important. Never give up on him and do not let him give up. Sarah is still emotionally not handling this all very well but it has only been 21 months since she was injured. But I can honestly say that she has come a long way since that tragic night. I am proud of how much she has recovered and look forward to being there with her as she continues to recover. I will never give up on her and will never let her give up!

    Stay strong for your brother. He needs that. I cried a lot when Sarah first got hurt and I still can cry at the drop of a dime. I just do not let Sarah see me anymore. She calls me a "big baby".

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    C6 incomplete in May 2009. Initially had no movement bellow shoulders. Can currently do anything, other than video games and other fine motor stuff. Don't ever give up hope.

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    I'm a Shepherd alum and as I'm sure you know, they treat both SCI and TBI -- so your brother is in a great place for his needs. I see it's been a month since your last post -- how is your brother doing?

    May God bless everyone on this thread.
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