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Thread: Experience with Nuprodux?

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    Experience with Nuprodux?

    I found a company selling the multiCHAIR 4024 for $1789 which on the original company's site for $2500. The thing I like about it is that it includes the 24'
    wheels WITH coated hand rims at no extra cost.

    But how solid is this thing? I do see where it has a weight support for 300lbs
    so that looks good.

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    Love mine. Waterfall seat is nice. i still use addition pad, but i like one xfer for all duties (or is it doodies!) in the morning. One of my brakes has seized in ~4 years of use. Otherwise is in good shape.

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    I have their shower chair/toilet seat, best made piece of medical equipment I have ever purchased. Also, very compact an easy to assemble.

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    Have you checked to see if Sportaid is now selling this, perhaps at lower price?

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    The 16 inch (seat) Mariner Commode Chair is $1,130.25 at Sportaid.

    I have the Sportaid Commode Chair with 4 five inch casters (C 6/7 quad...I don't push the shower chair....mostly because I am so tall (6'4") and there is so little seat height adjustment available in commode chairs for my height, I am too unstable to push it). I find this chair one of the best made commode chairs I've used (had 3 in 28 years). When I replaced the cushion on my current chair, I had to specify the "waterfall" cushion. It was not standard when I purchased my chair some years ago. I don't know if is standard now. But, it does make a great deal of difference in reducing pressure.

    The Mariner is a bit different from the Nuprodx Shower MultiChair 4024, note the structure at the armrests etc.

    The best,

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    The 16 inch (seat) Mariner Commode Chair is $1,130.25 at Sportaid.
    You can get a 16" Mariner (New!) on eBay for just $511.00 with free shipping. It's $660.00 at SportAid with free shipping.

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    I have the multichair 3000tx.
    Works great.

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    Nothing but positive things to say about Nuprodux. I've had a 3000 for a couple years. I will probably get a 3000tx soon. Bruce, the owner, is a super nice guy:

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    I wish they made one with the big rear wheels that could also hook up to the tub slider thing. If there was something like that I could use independently, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

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    I could raze Sportaid and use the whole 120% but they screwed me once so, they're out. It was great when you could deal directly with Jimmy...alas.

    Oh wait, that would bring the price down to 1749...hmmm
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