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Thread: Moving to Michigan

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    The University of Michigan is in Ann Arbor and has an excellent rehab center and ortho physicians.
    Mjburt is correct, Ypsi is much cheaper and still a nice town. A little closer to the airport if that's of interest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gurly2356 View Post
    Ann Arbor is a good location for getting a good doctor. Michigan has a lot of wheelchair sports you could get involved in. Winter sucks.

    I had thee best urologist in Ann Arbor, but he just retired in June He recommended me to Dr.Clemens at UofM in Ann Arbor. He trained under my retired urologist & specializes in SCI.
    Whereabouts in Michigan are you at?
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    Thanks for the replies..Keep the info coming! I wanna know more and more about the place.
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    Northern Michigan is a great area for weekend getaways. Mackinaw Island allows no motor vehicles and is beautiful (4 hr drive from Ann Arbor), a great place to spend a weekend or vacation, take a horsedrawn carriage ride around the island. In the past we have called ahead and reserved a carriage with a battery operated wheelchair lift (they need advance reservation to charge batteries). The UP is an almost pristine wilderness with bears and wolves, etc. It's also beautiful.

    Right now real estate is dirt cheap in Mi if you plan to buy. There are lots of lakes around the area you will be moving to, if you are willing to commute 1/2 hr you may want to check out the little towns of Hamburg (lots of water), Pinckney or if you are really adventurous move to Hell (actual little crossroads town near Pinckney). I live on a lake and am aware that some people are making deals on lakehouses with rent to own contracts. Might be something you would want to investigate if you think of buying.

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    The town of Ann Arbor host's the University of Michigan with all its medical facilities readily available. Nearby are the towns of Chelsea, Adrian, Marshall, Battle Creek and, Detroit. The area has boundless resources and interests. I-94 will take you to Chicago going west, Detroit going east. The Metropolitan airport is only about 30 minutes from Ann Arbor. The life Flight staff are an excellent group of professionals dedicated to safe transportration of patients and accident victims to necessary places. They are based there in Ann Arbor at the UM. Good luck on the new chapter in your life. Feel free to contact me anytime for assistance.
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    Welcome to Michigan! I am YOOPER! ( Someone born and raised in gods country of the Upper Penninsula of Michigan)

    I have had great experiences with the doctors in Ann Arbor. Dr. Clemons, the urologist, did my first ever bladder botox. He is a good doctor. Although I am in the UP right now I may be wintering in the Detroit area.

    Welcome and I know you will love Michigan.

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    You gona hate the winters here since you are from L.V.
    Unless you are a


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    Quote Originally Posted by Art454 View Post
    You gona hate the winters here since you are from L.V.
    Unless you are a


    Um what kind of bear? A polar bear? Just kidding - that's what everyone asked me when I lived in MI. I was on the west side, straight across from Chicago. Lived there for 13 years, winters were terrible (lake effect snow sucks), summers hot and humid, but the lake is beautiful!

    Been to Ypsi a few times to visit a friend and it is really nice.
    Kimber in SoCal
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    I am now in the state of Michigan and I love it so far. Going from the desert to beautiful surroundings sure is a nice change!!
    The only problem I am having is finding a pain management doctor. I just want a doctor that will continue the same routine from my doctor in Las Vegas. I have basically been on the same meds close to 5 years, with no troubles. I just know from experience that you can sometimes get those doctors that just want to change everything, ya know? kinda frustrating...
    So, if anyone has a doctor out here that they recommend I would appreciate some info. Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rollinprincess3227 View Post
    I am now in the state of Michigan and I love it so far. Going from the desert to beautiful surroundings sure is a nice change!!
    Just give it a couple more months..we haven't had snow yet! Welcome & Glad you like it here so far!
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