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Thread: The forgotten patients needing insurance or guidance

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    The forgotten patients needing insurance or guidance

    Hi all,

    Ok.. So the new Healthcare plan has addressed a bunch of issues.Children to young to mid adults can now hang on to the parents health insurance longer. Insurance companies supposately can no longer drop a patient because of a pre-existing condition or because its costing them too much money. Thats great for people with legitimate chronic pain that fall in those categories. There are even some state options depending on where you live. In NJ, if you have a child you are elgible for coverage (I believe free) under a state service called "Family Care". And then we all know senior citizens can receive Medicare. We also have for people with a disability or at least collecting disability the option of Medicaid. So whats missing here?
    Maybe Im lost, maybe I just dont get it, but how about a single male 36 years old who after 10 succesful years working with a company while managing his chronic pain with a Dr. (his job provided insurance) got laid off during the beginning of our economic downfall? This at the time, 34 year old man was laid off and hit a severe depression. Thanks to COBRA, he had his insurance for about a year maybe 14 months after being laid off. After realizing something was not right mentally he saw a therapist. Long story short, he took the advice of everything the therapist adviced him and learned after a few months his therapist wasnt exactly professionally fit to be a therapist. He has not gone back since. So this now 36 year old is still unemployed, and in my opinion its because of 2 reasons. 1 reason is he needs to sit down with a new therapist and find out why he wont buckle down and look for a job in his field with 100% determination (vs. applying for jobs here and there). The other reason is he is constantly chasing his tail trying to figure out how he can pay for his medication each month since it is so ridiculously expensive.
    He is no longer insured, he cant afford a therapist to have a disability form filled out so he can get insurance. See the circle? You need insurance for a therapist but a therapist for insurance.... figure that one out. Every month its the same thing. The pain starts building up 20 days into the month because he could only fill part of his prescriptions because they cost too much. You can throw a few hours of withdrawels in a day a couple days a week until he finds a way to get out of them... Its a terrible way to live and he has never lived like this.
    So I guess I ask this to everyone.. How does he either get insurance or get his specific medication. He can basically afford 1 or the other of his medication each month. OxyContin or Actiq. But its been about 10 months since he has walked into a pharmacy with his prescriptions and walked out with all of them. His pain doctor said he would fill out the paperwork for disability. But its so confusing. Its not like short term disability paperwork. Plus choosing the right prescription plan is a big question mark as alot of plans dont cover actiq.
    He almost wants to just ask, does anyone have a literal step by step detailed process of how to get disability insurance? Or is there a program out there for people in this position? I mean literally there is a plan in place to help people out accross the board except for 1 specific demographic... single men age 31-55. We are on our own.

    Lastly, I know how this might sound to some. Hes not looking for long term state handouts. Hes looking to fix his life. Get insurance to lose the pain and fix his head (or maybe just talk to someone proffessional), have the freedom to focus on getting back on track with his career instead of the constant fear and focus on what tomorrow brings. Its amazing, for 8 years with insurance he literally "managed his pain" while living his life. Yet withing a 2 year period he has no management when it comes to his pain, only chaos, and has not lived his life at all.

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    Health care reform has become the law of the land in the US. If you live in this country, particularly in the state of New Jersey, you'll know that there's no problem with health insurance.
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    Hi first of all, I really have no advice specifically. I just have a few questions....

    1. Are you this patient or are you writing this post for a friend or family member?
    2. and most importantly... you are a bit mistaken on your facts about the insurance and who is covered etc.... I am from illinois so forgive me if some things are different. Men mid 30's to 55 are not the only ones that are still having issues with insurance.
    3. My health history is as follows... Type 1 diabetic, SCI and all the BS that comes with that, cardiac problems, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and chronic and debilitating central pain. I am on disability and receive medicare however, i still have to make decisions many months about what meds im going to be able to afford, what doctors i can afford to visit etc. I am 29 years old so I dont qualify for any suplemental plans. This means everytime i go anywhere or get some meds, i pay ATLEAST 20%.

    I dont mean to be rude but like i have pointed out, most people are still not being helped as far as being able to get insurance or medical care as your post makes it sound.

    I wish you or your friend or family member, whomever the post is written about, the best of luck.

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