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Thread: a book: The Pain Chronicles

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    I think aches is an perfectly appropriate word if by aches you mean unrelenting searing flesh with boring pain like a hot poker driven into your rectum.

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    Yes!! Or both arms plugged into an electrical outlet and then set on fire, that sure does ache!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eileen View Post
    I almost downloaded this to my Kindle the other day, and then for some reason I did not.....but it sounds as though you thought it worthwhile Cass?
    eileen, i like this book. it is interesting to me on 2 levels: 1) history of how pain has been perceived and handled (which some may find boring) and 2) the author visited pain clinics today and goes into some medical detail that i found fascinating. oh, and i'll add a third: she is a cp sufferer and (spoiler alert) no, she found no answer to her own pain in terms of really good relief despite all her research, attempts etc.

    i think this was a very good read. i have it on my ipod and go back to it at night when i can't sleep.

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    Thanks Cass, I am going to download it right now.

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    Thumbs up The Pain Chronicles

    Hi All,
    I found it fascinating that you found this book! I for one seldom read books on pain because it is just a reminder of what I (and You) live with every day! However, this book is so different! As you indicated it is very interesting, wonderfully written so that everyone can understand, not just academics and physicians. I met Melanie Thurston, the author about 10 years ago when she first was interviewing doctors and patients for her NY times article on chronic pain. She interviewed my doctor, Dr. Scott Fishman at UC Davis medical Center, then she interviewed me. About 5 years later, she found me again--we had moved to FL., we reconnected, talked on the phone and she told me she was writing a book and asked if she could include my story. Years went by and I had forgotten about the whole thing when about 8 months ago I received a phone call, it was Melanie letting me know she had finished writing the book and it was being sent to the publisher. She mailed a copy of the manuscript to me, I couldn't believe how well she could explain what I had felt for so many years. I truly felt, from the first chapter on, she was speaking for me, only much more eloquently! I hope lots of people read this, not just those of us in pain,,,,,,,,
    Thank you Melanie, for using your voice and talent to help promote understanding.
    And, yes, I am the Holly she refers to in the book!

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    Wow, Holly, how great to read this backstory and hear about your interaction with the author! My copy will be delivered tomorrow and I can't wait.

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    Cass, thanks again for bringing this book to our attention. My copy arrived yesterday and I can't put it down - it's excellent, very accessible and it covers a huge amount of material without skipping a beat. I like the format, in which the author's story is interspersed with related chapters - and the book has an index, which a work of this kind really needs. I understand my central pain (and the rationale behind treatment theories) better now.
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    i am glad to hear other ppl's input, esp. holly (who knows the author) and those that actually thought my opinion counted. one never knows when recommending a book, but i couldn't let this one go. i HATE reading about pain, and almost never do (to the point of avoiding this forum) but when i went to and this book popped up, i had to dl it. i am grateful to the author for such a book.

    on a personal note, right now i hurt so badly i am ready to do anything to stop it. been going on at this level for days and days and i think i am going crazy from it. somebody help us all. it is a killer.
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    Right, it is relentless and sometimes it cranks up for no apparent reason and stays at the same pitch for such a long time. It would be nice if we had the same kind of access to pain clinics and new techniques that the author of the book has.

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    I just couldnt read this book right now. I think it is my concentration issues due to pain though. I am having trouble reading anything right now.

    I at least tried. Hopefully at another time and hopefully soon, I will be able to pick it back up again and actually finish it.
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