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    i think i'm addicted to care cure
    c5/c6 brown sequard asia d

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    It aint a bad thing.....I logged tons of hours on here when I was first hurt. Got me through a lot of the bad times my early years. I took a long break from CC this year for a buncha reasons. I have met some kickass folks here, and thank God for having them in my life when I needed friends to help me understand this "life"..

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    you will get over it

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    I'm not

    Life is to short....
    Lynarrd Skynyrd Lives

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerkens View Post
    i think i'm addicted to care cure

    <<<join that club!!!

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    i check it everyday or every time im near a pc
    c6/7 incomplete 6/30/07

    whats that smell? its me, cause im the shit.

    если я сейчас умру то нахуй я родился

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerkens View Post
    i think i'm addicted to care cure

    I have been a member for a long time but my posts are not large for that amount of time. Probably close to every day since I have been a member, I have been on here reading. I have been injured for a very long time and sometimes I think I can answer some questions which arise. Many I can answer because I have been through it...and survived. I can think of many things to be addicted to and this is probably the one I would recommend as number one.

    Good luck.
    ''Life's tough... it's even tougher if you're stupid!'' -- John Wayne

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    its a great thing to be addicted to i think. I used to log in 4-5 hours a day the first 6-8 months of my injure. Now im probably in here 1½ hours in here averge. Just to see if anything new. Its like watching the news

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