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Thread: Feet constantly falling off footrest... Sollution???

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    Feet constantly falling off footrest... Sollution???

    Hi there. Inam currently on vacation in holland where many of the streets are made of cubblestones.
    As a result, my feet keep on falling off the footrests, which is not only annoying like he'll, but can also be dangerous as I found out when I had my close encounter with the tram rails in the middle of amsterdam.
    I have put some anti slip tape on the footrest, but it does not help much.
    Any tips (apart from avoiding the areas altogether?)


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    I used to use a strap with velcro for that purpose. I actually just used the calf strap from another chair I had. The one that goes behind your legs so they don't fall off backwards.

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    i used to velcro calf strap occasionally, especially when i go downhill or wheel fast.i hate the idea to put my legs back everytime they 2 calf strap stays on the chair to support my back, and will put forward when i need to..^_^
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    With really bumpy cobbles, your feet are just as likely to come off the front of the foot pedals as the back, so heel or calf straps alone don't always help. When we go to Mexico and encounter cobbles, I use a velcro strap and wrap my mothers entire foot onto the foot pedals with it in a figure 8.


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    I use ankle straps that can be hidden by my trousers. But why not try Velcro on the foot rests and Velcro on the soles of your shoes? If you are like me, you have one pair of shoes for daily use, and another pair for sailing. That's six pieces of Velcro.

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