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Thread: Lever pushed Wheelchairs

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    Lever pushed Wheelchairs

    I did some research about this Idea about pushing manual wheelchair using levers rather than pushing directly into wheels and saving or increasing power @ this way.
    Here are my findings:

    Slovenian company, unknown on this continent claim some amazing performance. See some of their Movie Clips.

    Also well known companies in this field are here:
    MIT Mobility Lab developing Lever pushed wheelchair for countries in third world.
    UK company Nu-Drive is riding on same idea with pretty elegant looking solution.

    That's what I have found so far....please add your findings.

    I never try any of listed above and I don't have personal connection with any of them ...I would like to test some, though as pushing on slopes for me sometimes can be hard....
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    Typo in your first link.

    There is also the RIO version.

    The Nu-Drive looks cool... wonder what the Cost is ?

    I want to see them going down some steep inclines... and does it mean you no longer have the ability to wheelie?
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    NW-Will Thank you for noticing !!!! Also Thanks for Rio-Pivot...looks cool!!
    Regarding steep inclines...I don't know....arround Toronto, Ontario we don't have decent hill...
    Srb-Eng...Thanks for this useful link!!!

    Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary
    to what we know about nature
    Saint Augustine

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    Quote Originally Posted by srb-engineering View Post
    Lots of lever drive information here
    Cool site, good resource - thanks for sharing!

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