Also severe narrowing of neural foramina on left at C3-4, bilaterally at C5-6, more severe narrowing at C6-7 on left.

MRI just this Monday-symptoms: constant headache, nasty scapular pain with pain in my shoulder, forearm, hand and fingers,fumbling hands that cause me to drop things, difficulty typing without dropping letters, nausea growing worse at night, difficulty walking a straight line without great concentration, light sensitivity, more urinary hesitancy and frequency than I'm used to, left leg weakness that seems increased from usual.

wondering if anyone's dealt with a similar set of symptoms and your outcome. I'm seeing a neurosurgeon known for being conservative, which is fine. But my trust level isn't great-I self diagnosed cauda equina 6 years ago and my PCP told me I was wrong. I was not wrong, and had to fight for a week to get to a neurosurgeon, too late to avoid permanent bowel/bladder/sexual dysfunction. So I tend to be overcautious, and even the mention of "cord distortion" is making me a little crazy.

thanks all and happy friday.