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    Dear all friends of the forum,
    sometimes I think it should be much better not to come back to read any of this posts anymore.
    To me has become like someone who hasn't heat for years and now he has just under his mouth the most wonderfull slice of pizza or the most jucy stake or ribs but can not heat it. He just small those incredible food but it's not allowed to touch it, and what's sad is that he doesn't know when he can put something into his starved stomac!

    Anyone of you feel the same ?


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    Hi Andrea- I UNDERSTAND exactly what you're saying.

    In Greek mythology Tantalus was the king of Sipylos, and the son of Zeus. He was admitted to the society of Gods, but his atrocious behaviour angered Zeus, and he was condemed to spend eternity in Hades (hell), where he was submerged up to his neck in water, forbidden to ever quench his burning thirst. He spent eternity inches away from salvation(that piece of pizza)without ever tasting it.

    That is where the word tantalize(tantalus)orginated from.

    It's tantalizing knowing they have the knowledge to fix us, but certain rules and regulations prevent us from ever realizing that potential.....It's good to be a rat!!!

    Don't get discouraged though, that piece of pizza may be cold by the time you eat it, but at least you'll eat it.


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    Cold Pizza

    I like cold pizza!

    I also understand you, Andrea. Why don't you visit some of the other forums here at CareCure instead for a while?


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    oh yeah

    And everybody knows cold pizza tastes the best!

    I just realized yesterday that today is my 15th anniversary of my sci. Cheers! hehe
    I feel like I'm still 24, the age I was when I had my accident. I can wait 5 more years, tops, before I do all the figuring on what's best, and go for a therapy, somewhere. Hopefully there will be a tried and true treatment available by then.

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    Ah si, io capisco, Andrea. Io anche vorrei una bella pizza. Ma oggi, non domani. And I want to hike the hills near Bressanone again before I am too old and must stay in town and drink grappa with the old women.

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    If they can make Rats walk......

    I just know they will make all of us walk..... wait a sec. that did'nt sound

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    I agree with you Andrea, I have the feeling that the obstacle is that we don't know what will be the flavour of the pizza... We have Neotrofin, adult stem cells, embryonic stem cells, IN-1, M1, L1, schwann cells grafts, OEG grafts, diacrin pig cells, alexion pig cells..... If only we could choose one of those topics and declare that one is the right one, I'm sure we will have a cure for the next year

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    Come on Sue, hiking in the hills of Bressanone is something for the retired folks. I just came back from Lago di Garda. Swimming, eating excellent Italian food and drinking Bardolino wine is almost as good as wild skiing in the Alps - if not better for the ones over 40.
    I fell in love with Salo and I am just about to book our next stay:
    Feel like meeting me there?? -

    Andrea, I can make it to Lago di Gardo in 5 hours (with 1 h rest) and it takes me about 1.5 hrs to Zurich to get the IN-1. Conclusion: After I've eaten the IN-1 Pizza, Lago di Garda will be more fun!

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    It certainly can be like "the carrot and the stick."

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    It might get worse before it gets better

    I think we're just getting into the tip of the iceberg in terms of therapies becoming available. Right now the amount of new information is manageable. Soon, I hope, it might feel like the sky is raining pizza! Can't wait to get mine. I like everything but anchovies.

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