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Thread: Skin irritation on hip bone area

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    Skin irritation on hip bone area

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else has had issues with skin irritation on the front hip bone area. It seems that in the last 6 or 7 days or so I have acquired a rash of some sort on the skin of where my bone is. Not sure if it something to be really concerned about? I had been wearing the same kind of pants and they don't rest right there so I am wondering what is causing the irritation as I have been very careful about sores and such.. Any advice would help. Thanks.
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    Contact dermatitis can be caused by a variety of things. Have you recently changed the detergent you are using for washing either your clothing or linens? Do you wear underwear? Is the waist band hitting you there? Are you sure it is not a mild burn from spilling hot liquids?


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    Thanks for the reply, We haven't changed anything out of the ordinary, I do wear underwear and each pair is different but now that I think of it I do have some that sit right about where it is? Couldn't be a burn either. We had seen the doctor and he said just to keep an eye on it and gave me some antibiotic cream for the irritation, it just seemed odd because it was right where my bone was and my aide said she had never seen it before either. I am going to have someone check to see if there was a seam or something on the underwear earlier this week. Thank you again
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    If there is latex in the waistband, this could be the culprit. I doubt it is an infection, so an antibiotic cream would seem to be overkill. If it is an allergic reaction of some type, hydrocortisone cream (OTC) should help it get better.


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