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Thread: Leg Stiffness

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    Leg Stiffness

    My level of injury is T7-8 (incomplete & able to ambulate). My legs often times feel very stiff as though they're weighed down. Anyone experiencing this? and if so any suggestions? I currently take baclofen and neurontin.
    Exercise (bicycling) makes it worse.

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    i have T-11 incomplete, i have a lot of stiffness in my legs and i don't take any medicines. they either want to be bent or straight, but that can be used as an advantage for transfers and such. i drive an SUV and i am able to use the stiffness to help me get in, i can trigger the stiffness to help prop me up against the seat so i don't have to lift myself so much when climbing in. it also helps me with floor transfers, i am able to better control where my feet are.

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