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Thread: expected time for delivery of a wheelchair

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    expected time for delivery of a wheelchair

    Ok, so my Invacare rep has ordered my new wheelchair, with the appropriate specs, Invacare has given him a date...basically he ordered the chair 2 weeks ago & has been given a date that is only in 2 weeks from today...thats only 4 weeks.

    My questions are:

    Is 4 Weeks a normal delivery time, seeing it has to come from the U.S.A. to here in Aussieland?


    Since the guy I am dealing with is an Invacare Company Man, would this mean he might get preferential treatment, hence the optimistic delivery time above?

    Bike-on, Sportaid & Spinlife quote about 6 weeks MIN.

    Does anyone have any experience or advice even?


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    I live and malaysia, somewhere in the south east asia.i've bought a tilite, and it took a week for it to arrive after being time, total waiting time is less than 5 week.i have no previous experience with invacare...just my 2 cent..
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    Delivery times in Holland (where I live) are appr the same

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    thanks Nia & Sas,

    Looks like this guy's expected delivery date looks about right, give or take a fortnight.

    Ta muchly!


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