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Thread: My latest Nuance/Dragon correspondence

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    My latest Nuance/Dragon correspondence

    I hate your product. It really is ruining my life. I apologize for what I wish on you all on a daily basis. So why do you suppose that after I reboot and open only Word and three documents in addition to Dragon, I still get the "attempting to recover from low system resources" message, and all my screens freeze and shrink, and all is paralyzed? Do you really think it's tolerable of liability for sending this compromise. I have no idea what I was trying to say there, because no matter where I put the cursor, it will read me back only the next paragraph. I hate this program.

    I really think that in light of this perpetual torture and loss of blood and productivity you should give me Dragon 11 for free, and a direct assistance phone number in the event the torment continues. A New York Times reviewer gave Dragon a high review and it was funny -- after I challenged the reviewer to produce five people who really get the claimed level of accuracy, the whole thing just disappeared.

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    I'll just leave you be on not one random. I use Dragon 9.5 all the time but I have 3 GB of memory on my laptop. I also used a good headset and that makes a huge difference. All of this in Windows Vista on a computer that's one-year-old. Good luck getting it taken care of.
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    Just as soon as I was up in a wheelchair in rehab, my speech pathologist had me start working with Dragon 8 in February of 2005. Dragon certainly has its difficulties and learning curve but it has done wonders for me and my sense of independence and productivity. The program is a complete godsend for me but I know many have frustration with it. Sometimes it takes someone with experience to work out the bugs and get things working smoothly. Unfortunately, you're probably not going to get the one-on-one caring support you need from Dragons corporate technical support. I work at a local community service organization and provide training in Dragon to people with all manner of disabilities. Bottom line, it absolutely can work wonders but there are obstacles that can leave you "banging your head on the wall".

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