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Thread: Low Air Loss Beds

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    Low Air Loss Beds

    Hey all,
    My son is a C1-2 quad on a vent a little over 6 yrs post injury. He is presently in the hospital recovering from flap surgery on his ischial area. He has an old LAL bed now but the bladders have some holes in them. I have contacted a local health equipment supplier about getting a replacement and wondered if anyone has a suggestion for the best that you have maybe used ...I have also been thinking a LAL plus with the ones with alternating pressure. Need input asap to get this started at least before he gets home this weekend.

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    Alternating pressure has little value in the prevention or treatment of pressure ulcers. You would do better with a regular good quality LAL mattress. Look at the MicroAir 3500S (Invacare) or the Joerns/Triline TxCair as good products. Just keep in mind they are not cheap, and many insurances will not cover them for prevention (including Medicare). Ebay is sometimes a good source for used products if you end up having to purchase on your own.


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    How would a LAL Matress compare to a non motorized air filled matress like a ROHO? Anyone have experience?

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    I have just found out about what Medicare will pay for...and that is only a limited amount of time 60 days, after flap surgery for the LAL bed. You know, it blows my mind to hear that Medicare won't pay for a preventative measure like a LAL bed for pressure sores..instead they would rather pay the hundreds of thousands for surgery and f/u!!! grrr..

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomRL View Post
    How would a LAL Matress compare to a non motorized air filled matress like a ROHO? Anyone have experience?
    I would like to know that too!!

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    i have a low/air alternating bed i pay 450 its new i use it for a week but i need a bigger bed do to my legs falling from a electric twin medical bed. send me your number on private message or email me!
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    this the air bed
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    A Roho or other static air-filled overlay are fine for some, and great for travel, but while they are pressure reducing, they are not low air loss (LAL). A LAL mattress continuously leaks air through the pores of the fabric (or laser drilled holes in the fabric) and is intented to help prevent excessive moisture on the skin from sweat or incontinence. This is also why they must be powered. This moisture can cause skin breakdown with pressure more easily due to maceration of the skin, and for many wounds can delay healing as well. In addition, most LAL mattresses have actual lower interface pressures with the skin, and are a replacement mattress instead of an overlay. Overlays can make transfers much more difficult as they raise the height of the bed.


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