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Thread: NEEDED: Home Health in Chicago

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    NEEDED: Home Health in Chicago

    I am relocating to the southwest suburbs of Chicago and will need Home Health services Mon. thru Fri., most likely private pay. One problem, Illinois requires a licensed nurse to do bowel program if I go through an agency, but, I'm pretty sure my wife's insurance will still consider it custodial care and not cover it. That leaves me paying an agency about $140/hr, compared to $33/hr in WI. Anybody know anybody who would want to do it for cash on the side?

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    You can get a PCA through Craigs List. Just make sure to get references and a background check. You can probably pay $15 - $20 an hour paying out of pocket, but someone in the area can chime in on that. But paying out of pocket, you do not need to hire a licensed nurse or cna.

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    We have just hired our own caregivers and paid them $10 an hour, no problems. Only went thru an agency once and thats because the MS Society was helping pay for them, but dang after their money was gone there was no way I could afford that.

    Welcome to Illinois.

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    PM me.\
    I have some specific advice for you regarding your bowel care, defining 'custodial care' and State Law.

    Basically, if your bowel program is invasive and a MD writes an order for it, your wife's insurance cannot deem it 'custodial' if State Law requires RN/LPN for invasive procedures...


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    check local nursing homes for pca, i have had success

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