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Thread: Bent Frame, Frustrated

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    Bent Frame, Frustrated

    I have no idea how I managed to do this, but I think I bent the frame on my TiLite AeroZ. I have had this chair for about a year and a half and absolutely love it. While using it the other day I noticed that if I lean back and sit up again, the front left caster "taps" on the ground. I had noticed before that if I push up a steep hill the right caster hits first, then the left caster hits a second later.
    When I first noticed this issue I said it was like "tapping my foot" while waiting impatiently for someone. I called TiLite and Dominic told me a few things that could be causing it. The first thing he told me to check is the footrest height. If one side was higher than the other and more of the footrest tube was in the frame on one side, it could cause the frame to feel tweaked. Steve from D's Locks helped me check that, and both sides were the same, perfectly level. The other thing he told me to check was the caster forks were square. They are. Not only are they square, but I have no issues with caster flutter, veering to one side or the other, etc. Lastly, he told me to check the COG was even on both sides b/c of the adjustable frame. We measured it from both the back and front of the chair, and they are exactly even.
    My greatest fear in all this is that I would have to go through the DME for warranty issues. My DME no longer takes my insurance, so I figured I would have a hard time getting them to see me. I called them today and they scheduled me to come out and have them look at it on Thursday morning. I hope we are able to find something that is causing the frame to feel tweaked, otherwise I will have to go through warranty with TiLite to get my frame replaced. I am still baffled about how I could have bent this frame. Although I am very active, I try and be nice to my chair to make it last as long as possible.
    Anyone else have experience with bent frames and can suggest other things to look at? Anyone have to go through DME to get a frame replaced under warranty? Any stories are welcome.
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    Look in the "Z Series 1" owners manual under fixing "floating casters." Maybe something there you haven't already tried.
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    Sounds like either one of the casters is not a 90o or the rear axle is not centered. Probably the front caster.

    I use a square and square the caster barrel to the floor, do the same with the other cster housing. Or us a level on the front of the caster housing. That should do it.

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    Sounds like you have checked all the obvious, and some not so obvious; I had a similar issue awhile back and found one of my casters loose on the frame. We tightened it up and all is fine.
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