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Thread: Beauty Secrets from The Ladies...

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    Beauty Secrets from The Ladies...

    I'm just wondering if any quadraplegics have any ideas on how to adapt hair tools for use by a C6 who is looking for ways to use a hair dryer, straightener...even just work a bottle of hairspray. Any advice would be really helpful!

    Thanks so much!

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    ummm......moved to where?

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    to the mobile women forum

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    hair article

    i completely understand your difficulty. i'm a c5/6 and go through the same thing. i find it easiest to get a good cut that doesn't need a lot of maintenance. also, there are stands for blow dryers. my girlfriend actually uses one meant for dog groomers! i haven't tried it but she said it works well bc it sits on the counter.
    also, i wrote an article a long time ago on my site see ( not just about styling though)
    i find products in a pump work best for me. i sit them on the counter then use my chin to press down and squirt on the back of my hand. then i use a brush that's been modified with a strap on the handle.
    i wouldn't attempt irons! good luck!

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