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Thread: New to the forum, kinda new to sci

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    EllDee -- welcome! Sounds like you are doing well. Be sure to check out the exercise forum -- it's a big help. My son is a para and I can't say enough about the role of exercise and stretching in his overall health and recovery. He was injured in 2007 and continues to amaze me with his improved strength and adaptability.

    Best wishes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Welcome! Was Dr. Ho your doctor at Cleveland?

    You may want to join our Veteran's forum as well.

    No Dr. Ho wasn't. I met him but Dr. Campea (spelling). I think Dr. Ho was the head doctor up there.

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    Welcome to CC. So glad you're progressing w/ movement!

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    Thanks for the welcome everyone.

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