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    Vibrating telephone

    I have a friend who is hearing-impaired and she wanted to know if there was a vibrating telephone available on the market. She would like to find something that would vibrate instead of having a ringer up extremely loud. All advise graciously accepted.


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    Most cell phones have a setting that is "vibrate only." I don't know about standard telephones, but one would have to have the instrument on one's person to feel the vibration.


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    Can she actually speak on the phone and hear who is calling? This can be the main problem. You can get add-on devices for regular phones that make a light flash when the phone is ringing, and also amplified phones. In my state the phone company will provide these to anyone with a hearing disability (or a TDY if needed) at no extra charge. Covered by a surcharge on all phone bills.

    Here are some resources:



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    Thank you PN & KLD!

    Yes she can speak on the telephone and I'm sure she uses amplified telephones. She was just hoping to find something that would connect to the telephone that would vibrate to alert her to the telephone ringing. It would mostly be used to wake her up instead of using flashing lights. I will check out the web sites to see what I can find.


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    RadioShack used to sell those strobes that flash when the phone rang. I don't know if they still do though.

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