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Thread: curdling milk

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    curdling milk

    ok so everyone knows that orange juice and milk dont mix because the orange juice will cause the milk to curdle

    so i take cranberry pills 3 times a day but will drinking milk then taking the cran pill make the milk curdle?

    i dont want to have an accident while sleeping
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    fuck it..
    ill find out first hand
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    ok found out..

    stomach started to rumble.. then i woulda had a bad accident if i werent beside a toilet.


    end of story
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    When I was younger I would steal my parents wine and put milk into it so it wouldn't taste as bad, little did I know it turned the milk into cottage cheese! OM NOM NOM
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    The protease, rennet hydrolysis of milk protein.These proteins form insoluble curd, which is the stage of cheese. The grain size varies with the concentration of calcium ions. Vinegar is also hydrolysis of milk proteins, but is non-specific, being part of the curd is much smaller than those formed from the roots.
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