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Thread: wife got backed over by a car

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    wife got backed over by a car

    while I was on the way to pick up a copy of my ct scan to take to my app with my pm Dr wens my wife called said she had just been hit. seems a newspaper carrier was in too much of a hurry to park so she was making laps around the CVS where my wife works so my wife was just going in and the lady had seen her son come out so she put's it in reverse and backs into my wife knock's her down and if she had not started screaming I guess she would probably ran over her!!!!!!!!!!! my oldest son had just went by there and she called me I called him told him to get there which he was only a block away then called my youngest, he got there before I could but you could tell it brought it all back to them with me , then seeing their mom laying but she's skinned possibly a broken bone in her hand could not work the last 3 days and if there is a broken bone "she's a school bus driver also" she Will NOT be able to drive!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can understand people making mistakes but from what everyone has told me this woman didnt even act one bit remorseful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    So sorry duge! Some people are so clueless. I hope that your wife is okay. I am glad it wasn't worse.

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    this sounds horrible. I hope your wife has a speedy recovery.

    I don't believe in suing people willy-nilly, but when you hear of someone being remorseless for their actions, it makes you want get back.

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    I'm so sorry Duge. That's just so horrible on so many levels. But please do get her in to the doctor or hospital for x-rays and a checkup -- you never know what trauma like that can do that you don't feel right away. And maybe a cast on that hand will change the future.

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    Sorry your kids had to go through that again. I hope she is okay. People are so inconsiderate and rude. I see it more often here in the city and it really pisses me off sometimes. Nobody cares about other people anymore.
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    I did take her to the hospital they x-rayed her back neck hip knee and hand that's why they think her hand has a broken bone, she's just sore all over said she feels like she's been hit by a car!!!!!! that makes both of us that's been hit by NO fault of our's!!!!!!!!!!! make me NEVER want to get out on the road again but that not possible unless we want to be hermits! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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    Make sure that the person who hit your wife has good insurance. She should be compensated for all of her time off work and for all medical bills. Any compensation after that is up to you, of course.

    People who have already been traumatized in their lifetime have a really different response to a stressor like this than a person who hasn't been through something like your family has. I hope you can all calm down and begin to heal both physically and emotionally. It was a close call.

    I hope your wife feels better soon.
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    so sorry to hear of her injury...pray she feels better soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by duge View Post
    I can understand people making mistakes but from what everyone has told me this woman didnt even act one bit remorseful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well, of course not, the bitch probably thinks she did nothing wrong. I hope your wife mends quickly and I'm sorry for this.

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    Hope she feels better soon, Duge....some folks have no responsibility whatsoever...sighhhhhhh. Glad it was at least no worse than it was...

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