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Thread: One High-Fat Diet, Two Different Outcomes: The Path to Obesity Becomes Clearer

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    One High-Fat Diet, Two Different Outcomes: The Path to Obesity Becomes Clearer

    ScienceDaily (Aug. 5, 2010) — Why is it that two people can consume the same high fat, high-calorie Western diet and one becomes obese and prone to diabetes while the other maintains a slim frame? This question has long baffled scientists, but a study by Yale School of Medicine researchers provides a simple explanation: weight is set before birth in the developing brain.
    Horvath at Yale University suggests that animals that become obese have brain changes that developed early. Horvath goes on to suggest "These observations add to the argument that it is less about personal will that makes a difference in becoming obsese, and , it is more related to connections that emerge in our brain during development.

    While genetic or early developmental differences between individuals may well account for some obesity, it is not clear how this could explain the rapid rise of obesity in this country over the past several decades. The reduction in exercise and the increase in calories eaten surely is the explanation.


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    Do they speculate somewhere else how weight is set, what happens in the womb or shortly thereafter? I see other articles discuss nursing mothers overeating, and presence of a specific protein. But where might that come from? What should pregnant women do differently?

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