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Thread: Anyone know a good place to donate wheelchairs?

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    Anyone know a good place to donate wheelchairs?

    Hi guys,

    I'm in the bay area in California (San Jose) and was curious where I can donate my old wheelchair. Its not a bad wheelchair, lasted me 5 years and has some nice features like the wheels. I don't want to donate to some place that is just going to sell it for parts though because they could probably get a few hundred for the wheels and just scrap the body.

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    Is there a SCI rehab center there?
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    Maybe Betheny could use it. Hers got trashed.
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    LOL, now you ask! My new one should be here Wed. Cory, trust me, you need a spare!

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    Any Lions club.

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    santa clara valley medical center

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    Hey mr coffee do you puff on trees? Hit me up if you do I'm like 20 min from san jose

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    As Betheny says you need a backup chair, you may never need it but that extra security is worth it.

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    Yea, if the old one is your only extra one then keep it, never know when something might happen to the one you are in. Much better then hoping a place has a decent one for rent. I've broke a frame before on one and had to wait for a replacement, if I'd gotten rid of the previous one I'd been in a hospital chair.
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