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Thread: Reaction to Loud, Startling Noises

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    Reaction to Loud, Startling Noises

    Since my SCI, (C-5, 1 year ago) I am extra sensitive to loud, startling or crashing or sharp noises.

    When the noise occurs, an uncomfortable and sometimes painful "shock" seems to reverberate through my body, particularly noticeable along my spine. Besides the pain associated with these noises, it causes me to practicality jump out of my chair or bed (I wish) like I'm a scared little girl.

    This shock is much different than anything I had before the SCI.

    I really dislike my reaction to this noises.

    Does anybody else have this problem?


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    Depending upon how you got injured, PTSD may be responsible for an exaggerated startle response.

    I get startled by the sound of my refrigerator compressor turning on. It is that bad. And yes, the physical pain is really something.
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    I think it's because our central nervous systems are hypersensitive after injury.

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    You're describing what was know during the First World War as "Shell Shock" albeit in a mild form (for years after 1918 my Grandfather used to throw himself flat on the sidewalk if he heard a car backfire).

    Skippy's description of it as a form of PTSD is probably a better handle for it today.

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    Hi Fred, Enjoying married life?
    When we came home from rehab Dave startled when I dropped a fork on the ceramic tile and said it sounded so sharp and loud. It has gotten better, but the doorbell or something sudden still does it.
    He used to do construction and was a helicopter crew chief in Army and noises never bothered him.
    Interesting you brought it up.

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    i have the exact same experience and i also notice an immediate "fight" response where i get really angry that i was startled so bad.
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    It's a physical pain here, like electrocution of lower limbs. If I have PTSD from all the events of the past 10 years they might as well send me to Iraq or something. I have been threatening to move to Somalia and become a pirate. Told Jake I'd give Dingo an eyepatch. I'll be the lady in the chair growling Aaarrgghhhh.

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    I get a shock feeling in my bum when I'm startled. It doesn't feel painful, but it does feel horrible. I hate it, but it's been the same for years.

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    I get that too. I thaught it was just me since I startle easy; even from before my accident. Before, a Startle would send my heart racing; but know, its like an electrical shock that runs through my legs and goes through my feet like an electrical Explosion. Doesn't feel good! Glad to know I'm not the only one.

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    I get the "shock" feeling as well from loud and/or sudden noises. It seems to be more intense if I have something else going on like the start of an UTI. It's a bad feeling that I could do without.

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