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    Weight Watchers

    I was doing well in the beginning but now it seems to be harder to stay on the good path. I do a good bit of snacking at work and am trying to stop. Any tips?

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    Congratulations on your success so far!

    I find it helpful to spend some time reaffirming why I want to lose weight. I read articles online, set myself some goals, think about why right now snacking seems to have a higher priority than my health or my weight loss goals.

    I don't now if you're logging your food intake - if you are, don't stop logging just because you're eating more than you had planned to. Your log can be really invaluable in figuring out what might be triggering you to eat certain things at certain times.

    And sometimes you just need to give yourself a break. Give yourself permission to eat more for a week or two weeks, and then get back to work.

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    I've just started on weight watchers, though I think some of my weight is from fibroids as its only my lower abdomen which is swollen.

    I always try eat healthy, i lost few inches off waist and arms and legs always seem to lose weight when I diet but not abdomen.

    I got some progesterone cream to try to see if I can shrink them then I can work out how much of my weight is from fat and how much of it is the fibroids.

    Are you meant to include drinks too when you work out the points for the day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katilea View Post

    Are you meant to include drinks too when you work out the points for the day?
    Yes, absolutely. One of the simplest things you can do to reduce your calorie intake is to stop drinking your calories.

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    That's true about stop drinking your calories. It's just means no sugar drinks. Drink Crystal Light. It comes in a bunch of flavors.

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