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Thread: 24" offroad tire

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    24" offroad tire

    Met a guy running some pretty aggressive tires recently. These appeared to work really well (yes weight nazis, I'm sure they're heavy): Panaracer Fire FR

    Anyone who has a set of Rogue Tundra Wheels, these are the same size as the Maxxis Holy Rollers.

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    Sweet. I need more tread.

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    i dont know anything about tundra wheels, but there is no ertero size on these webpages - it says they are 'bicycle' or 'mtb' tyres, which means its probable they are 507 size. even though this is called 24", those tyres will definitely not fit on 24" spinergy wheels, or similar (540 size). kids mountain bikes often have 507 wheels. specialist offroad wheelchair wheels (as available at sportaid) are 507. but if you want to put offroad tyres on regular 24" wheelchair wheels, you may be restricted to primo or kenda knobbies.

    what size are the tundras?

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    507 - aka 24" in the bicycle world.

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