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Thread: Inserting Suppository,,,?

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    Inserting Suppository,,,?


    I'm a C-4/5 quad who needs complete help with my BP. I manage my BP with a suppository to start, of which is inserted by my help/aide.

    I would like to start preparing a new aide, as a back up, to my regular help in this role---my gut is telling me to get prepared quickly. It has been awhile that I've been working with the ''new'' aide but she has not started my BP,,,but has done the undesirable job of cleaning up. I'm both confident and comfortable with her and she is receptive to my instructions, a ''good learner'' with my care.


    I need to give her instructions on ''how to insert'' the suppository.
    ''' How deep in should a suppository be inserted,,,,??? How does one know that it's in the propper depth,,,,,,'''

    Thank you very much,

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    when I had IBD, I was using suppository too. I insert the suppository on my own using gloves and lying down sideways. I had to take deep breathings so that the suppository is able to enter well and deep inside the anus for it too work and heal the inflammation. Probably proper depth is when the pointed finger has pushed it well maybe an inch or more.

    It did not work for me sitting down because it will come out (then it is not in the proper depth) so lying side wards with a ready under pads and diaper during those times were a big help. I had assistance with my caregiver cleaning up the things and help me wash my hands.
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    iskumbro is correct in his directions. You may also want to look at the Guidelines from the PVA that are posted as a sticky on this site to give you some more ideas about inserting the suppository and the rest of the bowel program.

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