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Thread: wonder if we'll hear any news soon

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    wonder if we'll hear any news soon

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    I like StepAhead's attitude and ambition. It's actually quite refreshing.

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    This is from their recent newsletter -

    The scientific side of things is progressing well with a consolidation of programs in Melbourne, a link between the extra cellular matrix of Stephen Livesey’s work to the project in Argentina is very promising and may see the application of this work into a human trial in Argentina sooner than we could possibly ever get it done here in Australia.

    We are putting the finishing touches to a replication study of Stephen Davies work. This will be done at Yale University. Some administrative problems have occurred which have held it up, but this should be signed off in the very near future. It is most important that we replicate his very exciting work and verify that others can do it.

    more here...

    We will have an opportunity to hear from Stephen Davies at W2W.
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