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Thread: Urine Descriptions

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    Urine Descriptions

    My doctor suggested I keep a log of urine output and description of the urine. Could you suggest other words to describe how healthy, infected, colonized (bladder) urine can look:
    Color: Yellow, Straw, Lt. Yellow, Dk. Yellow,___________________________
    Clarity: Clear, Hazy,_____________________________________________ _

    SCI nurses....What descriptors do you use when you are charting?

    Thanks for your help.

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    usually my peepee is cloudy and smells bad if a uti. dark if not drinking enough water. sometimes with a uti there are red blood cells visible and on the bottom of the beeker, sometimes sediment.
    usually if I am charting m caths, it is volume, clear or cloudy, and light or dark hue that I would record. sometimes they want water intake to compare to output. I also list the time day for the cath, a new page for each day. use a little dollar store memo book. usually there is a ten day period during the year that my urologist has me keep a diary leading up to urodynamics test.

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    Sometimes, I have little minute bits of debris suspended in the urine (I don't know if that is considered sediment or not) after I empty the leg bag. "Little bits of suspended debris" doesn't seem to be a description that a medical professional would use. How would you describe that in terms that are more scientific or at least more recognizable to your doctor or nurse?


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    i always look at my pee when at home, for color, and odor mainly. that will tell you if you're drinking enough water and helps prevent uti. sometimes i have white powdery substance in urine if i don't get exercise or do range of motion exercises. i used to get it a lot when first injured, nurse said it was mineral deposits flushing out of system, essentially the stuff that causes kidney stones. anther reason to drink plenty of water. i often get scar tissue from uretha in urine also, just little bits every once in a while. i wouldn't be too alarmed by "dust" in your pee, probably always there, just never looked at your pee very closely until after injury.

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    You need to keep track of the following:
    1. How much you drink. What it is. When.
    2. Urine output - when and how much
    3. Color: clear, pale yellow, yellow, dark yellow, orange/red
    4. Sediment or debris
    5. Mucous

    That probably covers the majority of the information needed. Just keep the terms that you use simple and consistent.
    Hope that this helps.


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    This may be a dumb question, but what will mucous look like?
    And "debris" is a reasonable term for the minute bits often found in urine?

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    mucous in your urine just looks like snot floating around. I would add cloudy and bloody to your descriptors. urine with occult blood in goes cloudy and overt blood is obvious, especially if there are clots included.
    And smell is important, uti's smell bad.

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    I very rarely have a UTI but every time I have had one the urine smelled like onion/garlic and output would be low.

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    Thanks, party girl. You answered the questions just fine and your additions are things I should have thought of.

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    my pee sometimes has a slight smokey odor anyone have that before or know what it is?
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