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Thread: Playstation MOVE and X Box Kinect: work with movement disabilities?

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    Playstation MOVE and X Box Kinect: work with movement disabilities?

    With the introduction of new ways to access gaming in the mainstream, I wondered how much more accessible this makes gaming to people with disabilities?

    The Playstation Move works in similar way to Wii with having two things you hold to play the game like Wii remote and nunchuk, but it doesn't have a balance board so you don't have to stand on anything. Would this be better for those of us who cant stand at all?

    Does it mean you could play all games from sitting?

    The X Box Kinect uses a camera system so you don't have to hold any controller but it can track your movement and position. eg if you were playing a driving game you would hold arms in position that you would with a steering wheel and the car on screen would respond.

    Would this make it easier or harder to play with a disability?

    Would it over react if you have involuntary movements or tremor if it automatically tracks your bodies movements?

    I wondered if anyone one here had tried either of them or knows how they compare to Nintendo Wii and whether they would be adaptable to work with disabilities?
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